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About Miss Sterczek
Students have the capacity to accomplish any goal set for them. - Miss Sterczek
Once Upon a Time...
there was a three-year old girl who wanted to become a teacher when she grew up... motivated to make a difference in education!
Miss Raquel Sterczek at 3 years old
How does she IMPACT first graders?
Miss Sterczek - Student Centered, Differentiaties Instruction, Creates Monthly Parental Involvement Opportunities, Develops hands-on learning experiences and the use of technology, Authentic Assessments - Assessment drives instruction, self-reflects, observes, and refines lessons
Cracker Jack Philosophy
Cracker Jack Box Cracker Jack Box   Photo   Cracker Jack Box Cracker Jack Box
Every child is like a box of Cracker Jacks. Every box contains a prize. Sometimes the prize can be right on top and can be found easily. Sometimes it is in the middle and requires extra work to find. Other times the prize is at the bottom of the box and requires patience, dedication, and extra work to find. Every child has a special talent or can learn in some way. My job as an educator is to find that special skill and then help the child utilize it. We know the prize is there; we just have to find it! - Miss Sterczek
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Inspired by Madison M.
Color Red
Food I love Italian! (especially chicken marsala)
Number 23 (Michael Jordan fan)
Sport basketball
Flower rose
TV Shows Law and Order
Restaurants Stir Crazy, Bucca de Beppo, House of Kobe, The Chop House, Weber Grill & The Olive Garden
Children's Books Stephanie's Ponytail & The Pout Pout Fish
Bachelor's Degree Elementary Education Purdue University
Master's Degree Curriculum & Instruction/Reading Endorsement Lewis University
Happy Graduation!
Teaching Experience

I have been teaching first grade my entire career! This will be my twenty-second year. Wow! Time sure flies when you are having fun!

A Successful Day
When students are rushing to my classroom, filled with energy and eager to be involved as active participants in the learning process - Miss Sterczek

Thanks for being a great teacher all year long and for all of your support. You're great at what you do. - The S Family

This is just a little thanks for the wonderful work you have done with Treasure and classmates. I've never experienced teaching the way you teach. Even the picture projects of the students blew my mind, but the Mother's Day project still has me crying even as I write this note. Thank you for the mug and the end-of-the-year book. I can't say thank you enough, but thank you. Keep up the great work. It means a lot to us all! - The L Family

You truly have made the school year absolutely amazing. Thank you for your hard work and patience. - The F Family

Thank you for making first grade special for me. You are a great teacher and I'm glad Lupita was in your class. Thank you for everything. - Mrs. Cruz

Thank you for teaching Corey so many new things this year! All of the Side-by-Sides were wonderful and showed how much you enjoy making learning fun. The photo album and graduation picture in the frame was an unexpected surprise and almost brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for taking pictures throughout the year to help me capture the time I wasn't there. You really are a great teacher! - Ms. D

You are an awesome teacher! Thank you for all of your help and support this year. I must go to 2nd grade. It is calling out. I will miss you. Your friend, Love, Kalee
We just want you to know that you are such a great teacher and it is appreciated! Thanks for encouraging Jaylan to get where he is now! He's really proud of himself. I also want to say thanks for helping him with all of his activities and projects when I wasn't able to. I have so many nice keepsakes now! - Mrs. M & Jaylan
You work hard for everybody in our class. Thank you. From Jhovany

We really appreciated your dedication to your students. We have seen a tremendous growth in Eric, both academically and socially. We hope his next teacher is just as motivated. We will miss working with you. - The C Family --- I'm glad you were my teacher. First grade was fun. Love, Eric

You are the kind of teacher every child should be lucky enough to have at least once in their lifetime. - Mrs. W.

To our favorite first grade teacher, You have always been so great to our family. My children learned so much in your class and we couldn't have asked for a better teacher. I want to thank you for all that you do and your willingness to always help me as a future teacher. I love your website and wish you the best! The Hernandez Family

I loved your site. It is very informative. The kids loved seeing themselves in it. Thank you so much for the passion and love you have to be part of our children's lives. You have been such a blessing to us and still continue to be part of our educational lives. We can not thank you enough for all that you do. Love, The Rogers Family

I really appreciated all the time you spent with Kennara. You are such a caring and amazing teacher. I will never forget the way she began to open up and be more comfortable in school during the time she spent in your class. Thank you for all you do! Kennara and Ms. J

I just want to say you are by far the best teacher I have ever known. I have never in my life met a teacher whi is as dedicated to their students as you are. My son talks about how you make learning so much fun for all of the kids. I am really glad that he has you as a first grade teacher. I know he is happy to. He comes home every day with a big smile on his face. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and for making my son want to learn more. Mrs. M

Thank you for making this such an enjoyable year! You have given us parents the opportunity to share these special moments with our 1st graders and make everlasting memories. The world needs more teachers like you. Like you taught our kids that they are special, know, that you are one of a kind as well! Mr. and Mrs. M, Leiana, and Ava
Thank you for what you taught me and for helping me grow. Thank you for guiding me and inspiring me. You are awesome! Virginia
Thank you for everything that you do and all the opportunities given to us to share in your creativity and knowledge. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. K & Mrs. O (Grandma)

Caleb wanted me to send you an e-mail to let you know he loved and enjoyed every minute of first grade. He said he is going to miss you a whole lot. He told me to let you know he plans to visit you when school starts again. He was very sad that he missed his last day with you. --- I just wanted to let you know that I am very thankful he had such a wonderful and devoted teacher like you. He was always eager to learn new things and I have you to thank for that. You are by far the best teacher I have ever known. I thank God everyday that Caleb had such a great first grade teacher like you. I can only hope that his other teacher can make him as eager to learn as you did. You did a great job with him and I am sad he has to move to another teacher, but I know it is all a part of him growing up. Best Wishes, Mrs. M

Thanks again for the great year and really helping James out. You have been great! I love the tricks of teaching you do. Mrs. W

When someone loves what they do it shows, Miss Sterczek, Thank you for having the love and passion that you have for teaching. My son's first grade experience has been wonderful as a result. I can honestly say as my son's Mother, I have been very pleased to have such an enthusiastic and concerned teacher teach my son over the last year. Everyday has been an adventure in Miss Sterczek's classroom and I can attest to that through the assignments that my son has brought home, but mostly through his conversation just about what he's learned over the year. As a parent of two, I have experienced several teachers over the years and as a parent you know when you have a good one. Miss Sterczek is a great one and if she could ever teach anything outside first grade, I would hope she could teach others about the importance of finding your gift in life because she definitely mastered hers and because of that my son's first grade experience has been priceless. Love and Hugs, Mrs. L

We have had a wonderful, enriching experience in your first grade classroom this year. I want to thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm in teaching Andrew and all of your students. You are an excellent teacher and the effort you put in not only teaching, but your extra time spent preparing for all activities and instruction shows. We wish you much love and success in years to come and we look forward to visiting you next year. - Mr M

I would like to extend my gratitude for your level of commitment and attention you have given the children. Many of their projects, I know you must spend your own money for materials and supplies... you never asked for money. My daughter has truly extended her knowledge and her reading skills amaze me. You are a great teacher and I thank you for being an instrument in my daughter's life. - Mr. M

My first grade experience has been exciting! It has taught me as a parent how to work with my childs education in an enjoyable manner for my son. I have seen him really enjoy his class, his classmates, and his teacher. Thank you Miss Sterczek for this opportunity. I will never forget his first grade year! - Mrs. C

Well first of all me and my husband would love to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for involving us in every activity you had in your classroom. But a very big thank you for helping our daughter get better at reading. Not only did you teach, but you also made first grade very special for our daughter. I was battling an illness and with all the activities you had just kept our daughter's mind off of it. From the bottom of my heart thank you. Bless you through the years! - Mr. and Mrs. G

Dear Miss Sterczek, You are an amazing human being and teacher. You made our learning experience the best and you made it fun! The family projects were the best experience for me!! Thanks for that! Angel and I love you so much that we pray that you can be her teacher for the 2nd grade. You continue to teach the way you do because you are the best this side of heaven. God Bless You! - Ms. M

Thank you for all you did for our daughter. It is very important to us as parents to know that there are still teachers who are interested in teaching well, teaching good manners, respect, and rules to our children. My daughter learned so much and above all she improved her character and increased her interest in school. Thank you for being such a great teacher. This whole year has been the best one yet for her. You will always be her best teacher. All teachers should be as organized as you are! - Mrs. I

We appreciate everything you have done throughout the year. You made every effort to prepare D for the next level. We saw the changes gradually began to show. You never gave up. During your time with D, there was always a constant display of patience, care, structure, and guidance. The photographs and books you gave my family will provide memories for a lifetime. Every child should experience a foundation with your warm, caring personality and fantastic teaching style. We know D will never forget you, we will not! - Mr. and Mrs. G

First of all, I would like to thank you for the time and love you have showed to our daughter. This year as parents has been a pleasure to have such an amazing, loving teacher like you. As K learned, we learned too. The best moments that we all enjoy as a family were the side-by-side events we had. Meeting other parents was another great experience we enjoyed. Thank you again for everything. God bless you with many more years of teaching. Love Always, Mr. and Mrs. S

M had a wonderful year with you. I was worried about how she was progressing last year. But with you she did really good. I hopt that all her teachers to follow are as good as you. Thank you! - Ms. E

Dear Miss Sterczek, Words cannot express the amount of appreciation I feel for you. You have kept me abreast and current about all things in the classroom. You have taught my son so many things that I struggled to get across to him and for all these great deeds, I will be forever grateful. Your teaching style is wonderful and the decor of your classroom is inviting and even homey. It makes me feel in some kind of way just being in there. Both S and I will truly miss you. Thank you so much for the priceless gifts you have helped my son make throughout the year that I will forever cherish and that beautiful photo album. Thank you for being there for my son, when I could not. You have been his teacher, role model, friend, even looking out for his best interst as a parent would do. Thank you so much Miss Sterczek. You are truely a breath of fresh air and a positive gain to the teaching world. - Ms. G

Miss Sterczek, Watching my baby boy mature over the past year has been awesome. I know because of you and your way of teaching has been a fun way for M. He actually enjoys school and coming home to share his adventures of the day. So aside from letting you know our experience, I would like to thank you for making this a memorable year. A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. Thank you for instilling that love in my son. - Mr. G and Mrs. G

Miss Sterczek, It was a pleasure working with you in my daughters education. You are a great teacher and I thank you for your time and effort dedicated to all of your students. Thank you for everything. We will miss you! - Mrs. F

Miss Sterczek, You are an awesome teacher. You have gone beyond your duties as a teacher. You have given us more memories of Michael's first grade year in school than we would have ever imagined. Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures and extras that were given to our familty from your by ways o Michael. We would like to say Thank U. U-R-Some-1-Special. The R Family

Dear Miss Sterczek, you are the best teacher! You have the best class too. First grade rocks! I love this school because of you! Your student, Aniyah L

I have enjoyed being in the first grade classroom. All the side-by-sides and projects were fun. Our children loved seeing us. My child has learned a lot and I know he will be well-prepared for second grade. I thank you Miss Sterczek for making learning interesting for the children. You have done an awesome job! Mrs B

I think Jeremy had a very good experience in first grade. Jeremy enjoyed his teacher and learned a whole lot! Miss Sterczek, because of work I wasn't around very much at school, but I sure enjoyed helping Jeremy learn and enjoyed your little projects! There is a big difference in Jeremy not only academically, but socially as well! I believe he has the skills needed to enter second grade like a champ! - Mrs. Y

Dear Miss Sterczek, I love how you teach! I love how you put on a dress every day. I wish I could stay with you every day! Your friend, Selene

My first grade experience was fantastic and wonderful! It was fun from the first side-by-side, field trip to the apple orchard and apple picking to the last side-by-side and the trip to the zoo. It was an honor and prvilege to be able to have Miss Sterczek as Michael's teacher. He has learned so much and has had a blast! It is thanks to his teacher. I know he and I will never forget the best first grade experiences that we've had. - Ms. McL.

My daughter's teacher tried very hard each day to show her everything she knows. We enjoyed the field trips, side-by-sides, and family projects! - Mr. and Mrs. M

Dear Miss Sterczek, Thank you for your time and for all of the things you did to teach our daughter Daniela. We are so happy to have you as Daniela's teacher. Sincerely, The R Family. Miss Sterczek, You are the best teacher in the world. Thank you very much. Daniela

Ms. Sterczek - I would just like to say that you are the epitome of what teachers ought to be. You have figured out what it takes to reach the children you serve and do it with a dash of passion and pizzazz! Keep doing what you're doing. May God bless you in all of your endeavors! - Dr. L.

I'm astounded with all of the creativity you used to teach the kids and the parent involvement (side-by-sides) you had on a monthly basis. You have prepared them well and I am confident my son will take the tools he's learned from you and apply them to next year. You've created a cheerful and positive environment. I am happy my son had you as his 1st grade teacher. - Mrs. L.

Miss Sterczek, My first grade experience in your classroom this year has been wonderful. I've enjoyed experiencing all of the side-by-sides you have held for me as a parent to experience with D. It has meant a lot for me to be able to come in and share that with him. Also I've enjoyed helping out in your classroom as a room mother. It has helped me get to know you as well as the other students that are in the class. I've really enjoyed being there! So I want to say thank you for everything you have taught D this year. Thank you for being an amazing teacher! - Mrs. M.

Miss Sterczek, Definitely you have been by far the best teacher we have experienced with our children. You do have the gift to be who you are because you always go beyond all of your learning activities. We thank god for the passion you have for this school, your classroom and the kids. We admire you because you have the fruit of the spirit, which is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness and faithfulness! (Galatians 5:22) - Mr. and Mrs. V.

My first grade experience has been wonderful! I believe that my daughter is ready for 2nd grade. I could not ask for a better teacher. You really get into how they understand things and learn. Can you follow us to 2nd grade please? But on a serious note, I am thankful my child got to have such a great 1st grade experience. You are doing an AWESOME job! - Ms. C.

Dear Miss Sterczek, Thank you for being such an awesome, wonderful, fantastic, outstanding, caring, patient, generous, fabulous and incredible educator. All of your students are 100% better having you as their teacher! Thank you! Love, B and Family

Miss Sterczek, Thanks for all of the time dedicated to my daughter A. You have been a teacher who helped educate my daughter a lot. Thank you very much for everything. We will miss you!! Mrs. F and A

Dear Miss Sterczek, I have seen hundreds of teachers throughout my life with 6 children and 23 (17 + 6 step) grandchildren. YOU are by far the best teacher I have ever seen. Thank you for being you and being such a marvelous role model for my granddaughter B (2014) and my grandson D (2004). Sincerely Ms. R.

Miss Sterczek, Me is my oldest son so every new grade year will be something new and different. No words can explain how honored and thankful I am that Me had you for his first grade year!! I LOVE your teaching tactics. It really captures you and makes me want to go back to 1st grade myself! Thank you so much for everything you did for my babies. Mo really liked you. You thought of him when you had extra things to give (We did too!!). I hope years to come it stays awesome just like this year! So many more parents will feel the same way we do. THANK YOU!!! Seriously, Miss Sterczek you are one of a kind teacher! This year is one year I won't forget. The photo album says it all! We love it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! K & B

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