Now Showing... Star Students
  Each student in our classroom will be recognized as the Celbrity of the Week - Star of the Week. This is a wonderful opportunity for him or her to share special interests with their peers. Here is a reminder of the activities your child will participate in as the Star Student. In addition, your child receives a celebrity gift daily.
Walk of Fame photo Walk of Fame photo
  Monday - The Celebrity will share the completed Star of the Week poster, as well as any photographs with the class.
Tuesday - Student, parent, or teacher will read the Star's favorite book. This activity will be scheduled at 2:50 pm. Parents may come in at this time to read the story.
  Wednesday - Our Celebrity may share one show and tell item with the class. Thursday - The teacher will eat lunch with the Star in the cafeteria.
  Friday - We will listen to our Celebrity's favorite music. The Celebrity may also bring a snack for the class. This is optional.
Parents are invited to have lunch with their child during his or her special week. Lunch begins at 12:15 pm. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at 989-7336. Miss Sterczek
Celebrity Schedule

2018 - 2019

August and September
Week of 27-31 Ckarl
Week of 10 - 14 Sophia
Week of 17 - 21 Jeremy
Week of 24 - 28 Brealyn
Week of 1 - 5 Drake
Week of 8 - 12 Jailah
Week of 15 - 19 Ralph
Week of 22 - 26 Nayeli
Week of 5 - 9 Dario
Week of 12 - 16 Luna
Week of 26 - 30 Jeyren
Week of 3 - 7 Alexis
Week of 10 - 14 David
Week of 17 - 21 Maribell
Week of 7 - 11 Donnivin
Week of 14 - 18 Avery
Week of 21 - 25 Jayden
Week of January 28 - February 1 Briana
Week of 4 - 8 Zachary
You're a Star! Welcome Star Student