What is a Side-by-
A Side-by-Side is an opportunity for parents to encourage the importance literacy plays in their child's everyday life.
Each month, the first graders will host a Side-by-Side for their parents. The Side-by-Side will begin with sharing a piece of thematic literature the students have been working with during that month. Then parents connect the literature to real-world experiences by assisting their child with culminating activities.
If you are unable to attend the monthly Side-by-sides, no need to worry. I will have a fifth grader assist your child with the Side-by-Side activities. Please remember to send back your RSVP so I can determine how many fifth graders may be needed - hopefully, none!
Monthly Literature




Mrs Wishy-Washy - A read together book

Leaf Man - Louis Ehlert

Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving - Story and Pictures by DAV PILKEY




The Polar Express

Polar Animals

I Love You, Stinky Face




A Father's Day Thank You

What Mommies Do Best

The Sand Castle Contest

Image: Flies


Image: Frog

Come Hang Out at My Pad

Image: Lillipads
If you have any questions regarding monthly Side-by-Sides, please do not hesitate to contact me at 989-7336.
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