What is a Side-by-
A Side-by-Side is an opportunity for parents to encourage the importance literacy plays in their child's everyday life.
The first graders will host a side-by-side twice a year for their parents. Each side-by-side will be themed based on the month. One will be designed for Literacy and the other for Math. Parents will be assisting their child with the culminating activities connect to real-world experiences and making great memories!
If you are unable to attend the monthly Side-by-sides, no need to worry. I will have a fifth grader assist your child with the Side-by-Side activities. Please remember to send back your RSVP so I can determine how many fifth graders may be needed - hopefully, none!


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If you have any questions regarding monthly Side-by-Sides, please do not hesitate to contact me at 989-7336.
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