Image: boots and sheriff badge
Sheriff of the Week
Image: horseshoes
What is the Sheriff of the Week? The sheriff spends an entire week writing and illustrating his or her own story in a real hard-covered book. The book includes a dedication page and an About the Author page. On Friday, the sheriff reads his or her story to the class and shares it with Mr. Sieman and Mrs. Thursby. Then the book is sent home for your family to enjoy as a keepsake.

Image: horseshoes

Photo: Girl student with cowboy hat Photo: Sheriff of the Week
Image: Scarfs
Each day the Sheriff of the Week will receive a special recognition.
Image: Sheriff badges
Monday cowboy hat and sheriff badge
Tuesday cowboy pencil with a boot eraser\
Wednesday western necklace
Thursday cowboy boot mug
Friday wanted poster frame
Image: Sheriff badges
Image: Cowgirl and Cowboy Image: Cowboys and Cowgirls Image: Cowgirl and Cowboy