Guest Explorers




Cynthia R
Hammond, IN
Miss Sterczek and 1st Graders - I just wanted to say they are awesome singers. I love missrsterczek's website.

Lisa M Hammond, IN
I love the way Miss Sterczek teaches kids. She is a wonderful teacher and I am glad that my son has her as his teacher.

Allyson C Memphis, TN
Miss Sterczek, Thank you for sharing your website with me! I've added you to my "Teacher Favorites" list. Please feel free to add me to yours. Thanks!

Meredith H. Illinois
Hi! I am a student at Eastern Illinois University. I am currently taking a course on teaching with technology. For an assignment, we were instructed to find a teacher werbpage and describe its elements. I just wanted to say I am so glad I found yours. It is AMAZING! The graphics are great, and it is extremely well-organized and thorough. I love all of the pictures and video clips. It is clear that much learning occurs in your classroom, and the kids enjoy every minute of it. Thanks!

Stacy and Dominic M. Indiana
Miss Sterczek, You're such a wonderful teacher! I'm happy to have my son in your classroom! Thanks for being a great teacher. We need more of you around!

Adrianne W. Highland, IN
This is the cutest, awesome, and most amazing website for a classroom I have ever seen. You're so thoughtful and caring to do this for your children.

Beth F. North Carolina
I was so happy to come across your page! I am being moved from Kindergarten to First Grade and was a little upset about it, but after seeing all of your wonderful ideas, I am very excited!! Your page is amazing! :) I cannot wait to implement some of your ideas into my classroom! Thank you!!

Melissa W. Tampa, FL
I have to say a huge THANK YOU!! I am a brand new teacher and do not have much support. I often look to your website for guidance and to spark my creativity. Your website makes me obsessed with being a better teacher!

Deborah D. Butler, MO
Your website is amazing! The student work you have displayed is so reminiscent of things I used to do with my students. I am now a retired teacher (34 years) all of which were in preschool, kindergarten, and 22 years teaching first grade. As an experienced teacher I can see you have a passion for teaching. Needless to say your classroom and website are evidence of that. I really believe that longevity in a grade level allows a teacher to develop an expertise. It certainly allows you to build upon your investment in time which in turn is advantageous to the students you work with each year. Teaching truly is a work of heart.

Lojuana D. Chicago, IL
Superlative Site!

Chanel L. Huntsville, AL
Miss Sterczek, I'm stuck in a rut this year and needed some inspiration. I found it! Thanks. I Googled sites for the Reading Street program and found your link on Mrs. Langston's website. How fortunate for me. I am blessed to teach in a suite (which means I have 2 large classrooms separated by a private office, the children's closet and a 3 stall bathroom). The space is ideal but I found myself not utilizing it properly. Your photos got me thinking and I feel now I have that little boost I need to finish this year strong. Thanks again for the inspiration! Cha

Bridgette D. Hammond, IN
I think your website is awesome. So informational and looks like fun. It makes me want to be in your class. How did you ever find the time?

Lanee M. Guam
I LOVE your website and I really enjoyed looking at photos of your student's work. I was inspired by many of your ideas and I would like to ask if I may use them in my 1st grade classroom? Thank you for sharing your creativity, talent, and passion for teaching!

Laura P. Saint Cloud, FL
I just love your websites. I love all the graphics you have on each of them. I just finished my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I see we have that in common. I am interested in your parent involvement ideas. Keep doing great work!

Candi K. Iowa
I just stumbled across your website and blog! Simply Amazing!! This upcoming year will be my first year teaching first grade. I've taught special education for the past three years. I am so excited to get the year started and want to thank you for sharing such awesome resources!

Kim D. Tennessee
I have enjoyed your website! I have taught 3rd grade for 14 years. I am moving to 1st grade this year. Your website has provided grerat insight and lots of ideas are spinning in my head. Thanks!