Classroom Management
I Love Dr. Seuss!
Classroom management is a teacher's plan for maintaining positive behavior, motivation, and establishing guidelines/expectations for students. The purpose of classroom management is to create an effective learning environment in which lessons operate smoothly, disruptions are minimized, and students can flourish.
Have you ever read the story TEN APPLES UP ON TOP by Dr. Seuss? This book has inspired me to develop a behavior plan tailored for our classroom. In this story, the animals try to balance ten apples on top of their heads without any of them falling. Each day your child will have the same goal only they need to keep three apples up on top. They will begin on the green apple which means they have all three apples up on top. If he/she does not follow The Five Bee Promise (procedures in the classroom), he/she will move their magnet to the yellow apple which means two apples on top. If another procedure is not followed, he/she will move their magnet to the red apple (one apple up on top). For each time their magnet is moved, a consequence is given. If your child's magent is on a red apple and procedures continue to be disregarded, then I will follow the consequences sequenced on the What's the Buzz? sheet.
Hop into Good Behavior!                       Hop into Good Behavior!
Your child will earn two stickers each day if he/she remains on the green apple. One sticker for a yellow apple and zero stickers for a red apple. For every 10 stickers your child earns, he/she will pick something from the Good Beehavior Catalog. When his/her frog sticker card is filled up (25 stickers), he/she receives a candy bar of their choice. Yummy!
A Weekly Behavior Report will be sent home every Friday to communicate your child's behavior for the week. Attached to this letter is The Five Bee Promise (procedures), What's the Buzz (consequences), and an example of a Weekly Behavior Report. Please place these on your refrigerator and review them daily with your child.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. This classroom management plan is appropriate for first graders because they can make a self-to-text connection from TEN APPLES UP ON TOP. Making connections help students understand concepts. When understanding is evident, they are motivated to be active participants in this plan.
  How many apples will your child keep on top? Thank you for your cooperation! Miss Sterczek

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