Happy Birthday
When it's your child's birthday, you may send treats on that day. If his or her birthday falls on the weekend or over a holiday break, please let me know which school day you would like the celebration to occur. All summer birthdays will be celebrated in June. Treats must be individually wrapped according to the School City of Hammond policy.
Instead of sending birthday treats, the birthday child can participate in our Birthday Book program. He or she may treat the class to a book. It can be wrapped and decorated with a ribbon (optional). This book will become a permanent part of our classroom library. I will glue a picture of your child to the inside cover and add a special inscription. The book will become a very special present which outlasts a sugary treat.
Your child's birthday may be celebrated either way... the choice is yours. Birthdays are celebrated at the end of the day (3 pm). Students will receive the following items on their birthday.
Yellow Balloon crown, It's My Birthday sticker, glasses, pencil, a paper candle to color our birthday wall, necklace and birthday wrist band, birthday activity book, a card signed by classmates and teacher Pink Balloon
Birthday Cakes

January - Daryonna

February - Mason H

March - Juan Pablo

April - Darian and Nevaeh

May - Yagn, Miss Sterczek and Jasmyne

June - Verra

July - Gerardo and Anjeliah

August - Mason L, Giana, Allan, Daniel and Olivia

September - Greyson, Tierra and Mikaela

October - Ava, Aubrey and Uriel

November - No birthdays

December - Jorrell