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Wonderful Site Award

Dear Raquel, It is with great pleasure that I give you this award. You have a wonderful website and certainly deserve the award. Kindest regards, Val

A Website Award, Given by Classroom Cafe -

Hello Miss Sterczek, Congratulations on winning my A+ website award. You have done an outstanding job on your classroom website! It is evident that you have put a great deal of creativity and hard work into your website. Your students are very lucky to have such a dedicated teacher as yourself. Keep up the excellent job, as you are in an inspiration to so many students, parents, and teachers for all of your hard work and dedication! Happy Teaching! Lynda Sterling

Outstanding Classroom Website Award. Given by Mrs. Gold's Class

Dear Raquel, Thank you so much for applying for my award. I had some time tonight and was able to explore your site and really thoroughly enjoyed myself! First of all, it is beautifully designed - perfect for first graders! Second, the content is amazing. I even got some great ideas on your teacher's page! I'm sure your students and their parents are very grateful that they have you as a teacher. Keep up the wonderful work! Sincerely, Jennifer Gold

Congratulations! Gold Star Award. Given by Mrs. Van Dyke -

Hi Raquel, I am pleased to present you with the Gold Star Award for your outstanding classroom website! Keep up the great work! Congratulations! Kirsten Van Dyke
You Rule! Your website really MEASURES up! Award given by Stephanie Giese.

Raquel - Your website is very informative for both parents and students. I especially like how organized and visually appealing it is. In addition, I can tell you put a lot of hard work into it. I especially like your "Meet Miss Sterczek" page. Therefore, I am pleased to award you with my "You Rule" website award. Bravo! - Stephanie, 5th Grade, Indiana
Art Space 2000 World Web Award of Excellence 2010 - 2011 -

Congratulations you have won the

From: Pooh and Piglet's Fun Place! Magical Disney Site -

Hi Raquel, I am very happy to send you and your class an award. What a wonderful site. I love how the class is singing the "Wheels on the Bus". Thanks for showing me your fantastic class site. I love it. - Beth
Your Site is a Real Treasure! Presented to you by

While searching the internet for inspiration, it's nice to come across a web site that is a gem. Your web site is a real treasure, not merely a diamond in the rough! That's why you have been chosen to receive the Real Treasure Award from As a web site designer, I know that it takes a lot of hard work to build and maintain a web site. That extra commitment to your students and their families should not go unnoticed! Thank you for making a site that is child and family friendly. Your web site is original, creative, up to date, easy to navigate, and fun to look at. Most important of all... your web site represents you as a teacher and that is something you should be proud of! Thank you for sharing your classroom with us! Keep up the good work! Your site will be featured on's Real Treasures Award Page. - Karen Powell, Gifted and Talented Education Specialist

Your site is Heavenly! presented to you by

It is my pleasure to present yu with the Heaven

Help students discover their special gifts when others may over look hidden talents. #1 Website Award given by Mrs Long's Class

Hi Raquel, You have a great website. I can tell you have put a lot of time into it. You have won my award! Have a Merry Christmas, Robin

The Busy Educator Award

Dear Raquel, Thank you very much for telling me about your wonderful website. You really have worked hard on it! I am pleased to award your site the Busy Educator's Award. Keep up the great work! All the best, Marjan Glavac

Superb Site Award! Given by Mrs. Carter's Class -

Dear Raquel, I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed visiting your very interactive and informative website. Your students and parents are very lucky to have such a wonderful site to guide them through the school year. I am very proud to present you with my award, The Superb Site Award. Hugs, Brandy Carter - 5th grade - Lafayette, LA

Congratulations! Frog-Tastic Classroom Website Award! Miss Sterczek 1st Grade - Given by Mrs. Walker

Hi Raquel, I LOVE your Website! I especially love the audio file of the kids singing! Too Cute! There are so many wonderful things that I really enjoyed about your website. One is the Shelfari bookshelf that you listed on your page. I also use Shelfari, but never thought to put a bookshelf on my site... I might have to do that! I also saw that you're currently enrolled for your doctorate in ethical leadership... I'm so impressed! Best of luck to you! I'm honored to give my award to you and hope that you'll show it off with pride! Great job and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your school year! - Mrs. Walker

Mr. Piercey's Award - Classroom Website Excellence -

Good Evening, Congratulations! Your website really demonstrates your excellence as an educator. Well done! Mr. Piercey
Congratulations! Your website is a Class Act! Presented by -

Congratulations! Upon review of your classroom website, it has been determined that your website is most certainly a Class Act! It is obvious that you put in a lot of time and effort to make your classroom website a wonderful resource for students, parents, and educators. Once again, Congratulations! Melissa

This website has won the GADZILLION AWARD for Creative Thought on the Internet

Congratulations! I enjoyed visiting your site. It is truly a plus for the Internet and consequently I would like to reward your efforts with the Gadzillion Award for creative thought on the Internet. Take care and keep thinking, Dan Fowler - A Gadzillion things to think about

Mrs. Raude's Exceptional Teacher Website Award -

You have a well-developed, energetic, and informative site for your students, parents, and fellow teachers as well. I enjoyed it and enjoying the positive atmosphere you provide for all that visit. I'd love to present you with my Exceptional Teacher Website Awared! Diane

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